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On Sunday, October 14, 2018 OTCPBC will be holding a Mock Container Trial using AKC levels and rules.

AKC Container trials provide the Scent Work team an opportunity to identify the container (or containers) that contain the target odor(s) among a group of containers. The placement of the container(s) with the hide(s) is unknown to the handler.

    Trial Levels offered:

  • Novice: 1 hide, birch, 10 containers
  • Advanced: 2 hides, birch and/or anise, 15 containers
  • Excellent: 3 hides, birch and/or anise and/or clove, 20 containers
  • Masters: 1-3 hides (unknown), birch and/or anise and/or clove and/or cypress, 20 containers

Each handler/dog team may pre-register for one or more of the trial levels. For each run, the search area will be set-up in accordance with AKC Container regulations. The location of the odor container(s) will be unknown to the handler.

We will not reset the hide containers for handlers wishing to run multiple dogs or for a handler wishing to run a trial level a second time. Second runs of a trial level require a second registration.

Limited indoor crating. All dogs must be crated indoors or restrained in vehicles when not running.

Date: Sunday, October 14, 2018.
Doors open: 8:30 AM
: at 8:45 AM.
Handler Briefing 9:00 AM
First dog on start line: 9:15 AM
Trial Levels and Run Order:

  1. Novice Containers
  2. Advanced Containers
  3. Excellent Containers
  4. Masters Containers

Cost: $6.00 per trial level. No odor reset for a second dog/run.
We ask that participants pitch in to help keep the event running smoothly and to restore the building to pre-event state at the end of the event.

Preregistration required. Registration closes when full or on October 12 @8 PM.

Registration Link:

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