TDU Seminar–Transitioning to Hard Surface Tracking

Date: Sunday, March 26, 2017 @ 8:30am – 1:30pm

Instructors: Jane Craig and Fran Smith

Location: OTCPBC Clubhouse and nearby commercial parking lot

Pre-requisite: Prior tracking experience required

Limit: 8 working spots, unlimited auditors

Price: $55 working, $30 auditors

Bring a crate for your dog while we’re in the building, then we’ll work out of our cars in a local parking lot.

Working spot preference will be given to registrants whose completed registration with payment has been received and who meet the following criteria:
*have attended an Intro to Tracking workshop or have tracking experience
*have trained with a tracking group

Registration information needed:
1. Name
2. Phone number and e-mail
3. Name & breed of dog (for working spot)
3. Dog’s experience & training level (for working spot)

Checks should be made out to OTCPBC and mailed to Jane Craig, 12768 175th Rd. N, Jupiter, FL 33478.

Questions may be referred to Jane Craig at [email protected] or Fran Smith at [email protected]