Brag from Betty Gansky

Jeff, Buttons, Angel & I just returned from 3 days in Kissimmee where we attended DACOF which is the State of FLorida’s competition for Agility.

Angel did REALLY well! Even though she didn’t place (they only do 3 placements) she was outstanding! She was the smallest dog in the competition. This year she moved up from the 4″ height division that she won last year in Novice to the 8″ height class that I have been showing her in since her debut in Agility in October. This is a lot tougher for her since she now is competing against any dog that is under 11 1/2″ at the withers such as the Corgi’s, etc. She qualified in all 5 runs without one fault or refusal which is unbelieveable! She did have a 4th & 5th placement in two of the events. She was competing with at least 20 dogs in her class. She has such a BIG heart for such a little dog! I am very proud of her!

Betty & the “Working Yorkies”
Angel aka Winsome’s Devil In Disguise,CD,RN,AX,OAJ
Buttons aka National/International U-CH Majestic’s Tailor Made,CDX,RE,OJP,OAP,T-BAD, TG-2,TDIEVA,THD

Always in my heart:
Marie’s Simon Says, UD, TDI
Todo’s Annie Get Your Gun, UD, RAE3, TDI

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