Brag from Gary Roche and Dax

On Sunday, Dax passed his VST dog tracking test in Orlando, earning his VST title and also his CT (Champion Tracker) title.
I am still trying to confirm with AKC, but Luci Seeley thinks Dax is only the third Malinois to earn the CT title! The VST test has a pass rate of only 6 percent.

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Gary and Dax VST CT

This was our fourth attempt over the past three years. Dax was awesome and on the last article, I was thinking it would be a glove, but it was actually plastic. Dax indicated it three times, finally scratching at it as if to say, “Duh, here is your fourth article!” It really was amazing as Dax’s article indication has always been a quick head bob, and then off he goes. Here he actually came back to the article three times to get me to look at it — saving his Dad’s butt. –Gary Roche

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