Congratulations, Graduates of Foundations of Obedience

From instructor Jorge Mendiola: “You know you enjoy something when time flies by and you can keep doing it all night long. Foundations of Obedience class was supposed to be 1 hour, but ended up being 2 … some lecturing and work with the dogs, a lot more lecturing and more work with the dogs, even more lecturing and questions and work with the dogs … a demo of things with my dogs and more lecturing and questions from students. Reviewed all little our tricks and games from novice througj utility.

Every trainer has a different point of view and way of training behaviors, but at the end of the day we all have to pass (and hopefully place) in the novice, open, and utility classes. Showcasing the dog’s best abilities in the ring and maintaining a happy attitude is what I strive for with my dogs when they set paw in the ring.

I love when my students bombard me with questions as I get to tell them the importance of instililng great foundation skills. At the same time I try to stay neutral as not to put more emphasis on one technique over another. I do, however, explain what I see in certain techniques and show them how certain movements have an impact ont he dog’s performance. I try to let them choose what method to use. I love to see the look in their faces when the light goes on and they understand the concept of the silly exercises we do and how they will apply to performance in the ring.


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