Nose Games class added to January schedule for Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County

We are happy to announce that Karin Vermeegen will be teaching an Introduction to Nose Games class in 3 sessions. The nose work classes  will take place on:

Sunday, January 13th
Sunday, Janaury 26th
Sunday February 9th

The price will be $50.00 for a working spot with one dog and $25.00 for audit spots.

There are only 3 working spots left so please e-mail Fran Smith, Tracking Director, at ASAP if you wish to attend.

Nose work is a wonderful complement to your training routine. One dog goes at a time; each dog learns to use her nose to find hidden food and later, to find certain scents. It is very easy on the handler, as you need only watch the dog’s body language and learn to read her scenting signals.

Ms. Vermeegen is an extremely accomplished trainer with expertise in many areas of dog sport training.

Nose Games

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