Mats go down for the first time at OTCPBC in Lake Park

There’s something special about the mats going down for the first time, whether it’s at a new facility or just before a show. From President Bob Millar on this special day for us: I need to thank the following who helped with ring set up yesterday: * Joe and Diane Walak * Patti Roberts * … Read more Mats go down for the first time at OTCPBC in Lake Park

Overnight, fresh paint!

Those of us teaching at the Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County’s beautiful new club house were pleased and surprised to find the entire interior had been painted in club colors. Thanks to Shawn Smith, Ray Hookey, and Bob Millar for their efforts on behalf of all club members. Other photos of the building … Read more Overnight, fresh paint!

Tonight is first night of Obedience Level Two

This class will take your dog — already tried and true in Basic obedience — and take him to the next level. What will I learn? You will learn longer stays, how to get quicker responses to your cues, and improved heeling. You will be in the hands of a master teacher, Bob Millar, who … Read more Tonight is first night of Obedience Level Two

Therapy dog makes a difference

Page Hinds was kind enough to send us this beautiful photo of Doctor Watson at work as a therapy dog. Enjoy. Majestic Doctor Watson UDX2, VER, RAE Standard Poodle

Upcoming events and worker day

by Bob Millar We have much to be proud of today. 1. January 19-20, 2013 Obedience Seminar We are pleased to announce our first obedience seminar on January 19-20 in our new Lake Park, FL facility with master trainer JoAnne Brettschneider. Seminars chair Lieselotte Hookey saw JoAnne in action last year and loved the way she … Read more Upcoming events and worker day