Therapy dog class starts September 8, 2014

Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County is offering its popular Therapy Dog class beginning September 8, 2014. Taught by a certified Therapy Dogs International examiner, Therapy Dog class confirms basic obedience skills in dogs of outstanding temperament and prepares them to serve the community through nursing homes, the Palm Beach County court system, and … Read more Therapy dog class starts September 8, 2014

Therapy Dogs International test

We are pleased to be administering a Therapy Dogs International test at OTCPBC on October 2, 2013. Betty Gansky and Lindsey Smith are the examiners. The thirteen test items appear below. Marti Hohmann is teaching a class to prepare dogs for the test, but taking the class is not a pre-requisite to take the test. … Read more Therapy Dogs International test