Thank you from Betty Gansky on 2013 agility trial

I couldn’t go to bed tonight without thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart in making OTCPBC’s Agility trial this year a huge success!
I really “bit the bullet” this year by going out on a very long limb to put on a 2 1/2 day, 2 judge trial.
I’d like to thank Sheyla Gutierrez & Barbara Bounds for judging for us.  I heard nothing but praise for both of you from all of the exhibitors.  Barbara, I’m sure you’ll be asked to come back to FL in the near future to judge another trial!
Thanks to:
Kellie Verrelli for being our outstanding Trial Secretary & to Lori Patterson, her assistant.  There wasn’t one question I asked that was not responded to promptly no matter how simple or complex it was. You were GREAT!
To Joan Bruno who was once again my “right hand man”!  All I can say Joan is that next year you will have to plan a trip back from Nebraska in February to come to our trial.  You can stay with me!  I don’t know what I will do without you!
To Ann Levy, Joan Bruno, Liese Hookey, Mary Macchia, Mary Moore & Judy Streisand for providing terrific lunches for the judges & workers. A big thanks too to Lorena Taylor who drove all the way down from Jupiter to help with lunch on Sunday!
To Cindylou Ponga for putting together & handling our terrific raffle.  Everyone was disappointed that it was only held on Saturday!  They wanted to have another one on Sunday.
A big thank you to Liese Hookey for loading up her van with baskets & arriving at the Arena at 7 AM Sat morning to help set-up & work the raffle the entire day.
A big thanks to Page Athan who also arrived at 7 AM & worked the raffle table all day!  The tables looked absolutely WONDERFUL.  You all did an outstanding job!
To Mary Moore who was there with me from dawn to dusk everyday!  As always it’s such a pleasure to work with you!
To Judy Streisand for handling all of our ribbons as well as making all of our signs!  Well done, Judy!
To Charlotte & Andy Czermann for camping out “in” the Arena for the duration of the show!  Char, I can always depend upon you to help out!  If you’re ever in the market for a job I will give you a terrific reference!
To Chief Course Builders  Bob Ansel & Peter Liu: You guys were awesome & so were your helpers, Shawn Smith, Brian Liebrandt & Geraldine Tripp.
To Beverly Skilling:  As usual, Bev, I can always count on you for anything & everything!  You are really a blessing!
To Cindi Stone, President of the Dog Scouts:  Cindi you were absolutely THE BEST!  You were so efficient & organized.  Your crew was terrific!  They made our show run like a well-oiled machine!  Thank you all SO MUCH!
To Bob Ansel, Shawn Smith, Bob Millar & Joe Wolak for the long & boring job of watering the entire Arena to make the grounds easier the following day for both dogs & humans!  Bob Ansel, you are just too much!  You even brought your own hoses!
To all my other ring worker’s:  My husband Jeff, Mary Macchia, Gina Reed, Joy Lowe, Jeff Greiff, Marla Reznitsky, Joann Smith, Joanna Brousell, Holly Potts, Nancy Bloom, Angela Clark, Leslie Granville-Smith, Peggy DeMinico, Bob Millar, Joe & Diane Wolak, Brian Heywood, Danielle Shendell, Nancy Stinson, Bob Vence, Penny Barrett, Lane Carlee & Mike Goswell too.  BTW it was Lane & Mike’s first time at an Agility show.  The came & helped out on Saturday & won 3 baskets in the raffle!  That was terrific!  I think you two enjoyed yourselves!
A special thanks also to Joann Smith for the use of her flag & boom box for the national anthem.
Another special thanks to Dan Bruno for driving the majority of the equipment down to Davie & back to the club!
Last but not least to my little “Angel” who made my day on Saturday by finishing both her Open Jumpers & Open Standard titles.  Angel, as always, you are such a pleasure to own, love & train.
The show was a lot of work but all of you made it worth it for me.  It was a pleasure for me to work with all of you!
Betty & the “Working Yorkies”
Angel aka Winsome’s Devil In Disguise,OAJ, OA,BN
Buttons aka National/International U-CH Majestic’s Tailor Made,CDX,RE,OJP,OAP,T-BAD, TG-2,TDIEVA,THD
Always in my heart: Marie’s Simon Says, UD, TDI
 Todo’s Annie Get Your Gun, UD, RAE3, TDI

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