What we liked best about JoAnne Brettschneider

Every day you get to work your dog is a good day, and we want to thank JoAnne Brettschneider for her experienced eye and instruction this weekend, Jan 20-21, 2013.


I am glad I came because I am always open to new ideas and techniques. I love the way JoAnne trains using her body language to position the dog. I like the way she makes the dog work harder than I normally do to get the treat or the toy. I also appreciate her enthusiasm and the way she explodes when the dog gets it right. I found a lot to take home and try.  –Robin B.

I like the way the seminar was set up. The content was great. The facility was perfect. You could hear and see everything. JoAnne was perfect for us because the content covered a variety of levels from Beginner to Utility. She explained everything in a straightforward manner and demonstrated everything. We also had many different sizes and breeds of dogs here, as well as dogs at very different levels of training –Lorene T.

We learned many new things and got lots of handy tips. –Nicoletta

She showed many consistent principles for teaching expected ring behaviors. I love her method of using emotion and motion for reward. –Diana

I was happy to learn a way to train a dog that involved food but didn’t depend entirely on it. Excellent seminar and great team. –Diane

Great seminar! –Cheryl

A rare and wonderful experience that was incredibly informative. –Lane

It’s wonderful to be able to focus on why a dog is behaving the way he does in order to fix a problem. JoAnne is very experienced and insightful. –Bob

I like how JoAnne encourages us to use encouragement and praise and let them become the reward instead of always using food. –Peggy


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