Access Cards

Access to the Building

Access cards are available to all members who have accrued twenty volunteer hours within the last twelve months. Access card holders may sign up for private or small group building use time slots each week.


$25 deposit on card (refundable when card is returned)


  • $25 per month or
  • $65/three months
  • $120/six months
  • $210/annually

Building Hours

There is a weekly sign-up process that allows access card holders to sign-up for private or small group building use time. Hours available for access card holders may vary from week to week based on use of the building for trials and classes. Please do not attempt to access the building outside of scheduled time slots. The building is alarmed.

Obtaining an Access Card

Access cards are for personal use only. They may not be shared or transferred. To obtain an access card, contact:

A member requesting an access card must have worked for 20 volunteer hours before applying for an access card.