Welcome to Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County


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The Dream

A dog that walks by your side without a leash. Who comes when called, no matter what. Who brings you the paper, sits beside you while you have coffee, greets you quietly at the door, and sleeps beside your bed at night.

The Reality

Once you snap on the leash, your dog pulls like a freight train. Every time he sees another dog, he barks and does back flips. Comes when called? Not when there are lizards to chase. He is still a great dog – he just doesn’t know any better.

We offer a wide range of classes — from basic obedience to puppy to tricks to Canine Good Citizen. Let us introduce you to dog sports: agility, nose work, obedience, rally, tracking, and more.

The Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County was established in 1953. We hold classes year-round in our air-conditioned building and when weather permits on our agility field.