Looking for fun activities to do with your dog? Try Trick training!

Teaching your dog tricks is fun for you and for your dog. During Trick class you will learn how to teach your dog tricks using positive reinforcement. Not only will your dog learn some tricks, but trick training will help your dog become a dog that loves to learn and you will learn how to teach your dog more tricks. Tricks training provides mental stimulation for your dog and strengthens the bond between you.

Tricks Classes

Several times a year OTCPBC offers tricks classes. Please watch this site for more information about upcoming Tricks classes and Tricks Tests.

Tricks Class

Description: Want to impress all of your friends with fun and entertaining tricks your dog can perform? This class is a fun way to build a bond with your dog without the formality of obedience training. You will learn the techniques to teach your dog multiple tricks including: sit pretty, roll over, shake hands, play dead, weave, figure 8, twirl, pirouette, scoot back, crawl, walk on their hind legs, walk on your toes and retrieve a tissue from a box and then put it in a waste basket after you have given them the “used” tissue.
Prerequisites: Dog must be at least 12 months of age and have documented proof of completion of a Basic Obedience class. Dogs must know the sit and stay commands. Bonus if your dog knows how to retrieve.
What to Bring: A VERY hungry dog and high-value treats. Wear clothes and shoes you can get down on the floor in. The last 2 weeks of class you will need a box of tissues and a size-appropriate waste basket. Suggest Dollar Store tissues as you will go through A LOT when training this trick.

Class Length: Class meets for six weeks for an hour.

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PO Tricks Class Registration opens six weeks before start date.
Class meets for six weeks for an hour. Cost: $139 (20% discount for members who worked 20 volunteers hours within the last 12 months)

AKC Trick Dog Program

The American Kennel Club (AKC) introduced a Trick titling program in May of 2017. AKC Trick Dog titles are official AKC titles listed on the dog’s title record. AKC offers five levels of Trick titles: Novice Trick Dog (TKN), Intermediate Trick Dog (TKI), Advanced Trick Dog (TKA), Trick Dog Performer (TKP) and Trick Dog Performer Elite (TKE). Dogs must have an AKC, PAL, or AKC Canine Partners number to earn a title.

Link to AKC Trick Test Forms:

AKC Trick Dog Application Forms

Registration for this event is online at this link:

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