You already take walks with your dog…

Do you track how far and how often you walk?

Do you know activities and exercises to protect and improve your dog’s fitness?

Try AKC’s new FIT DOG program…

Make the walks you take with your dog part of a documented exercise program. Participate in group activities with your dog and other teams working on fitness goals. Take classes to improve your canine fitness skill set. And get recognition for your team’s achievements.


AKC FIT DOG titles were designed to provide a structured, individualized fitness plan that you and your dog can do together. There are 3 levels of AKC fitness titles—Bronze (FITB), Silver (FITS), and Gold (FITG). Each title requires a specific number, based on title level, of activity points to be completed.

Examples of FIT DOG exercises:

Tuck sit; nose touch; front paw targeting; shake a paw; cookie stretch; kick back stand; spin left/right; fold back down; cavaletti poles; pivot rear legs.

FIT DOG Activity Categories:

AKC FIT DOG Course; Community Runs; Walks/Hikes (independent or group); Unique to each team; AKC title that is fitness related; AKC Parent Club Performance Titles.


Class NameDescriptionPrerequisitesWhat to Bring
PO Fit Dog Class Level IThe AKC Fit Program was developed to help improve and maintain the fitness and health of all dogs and their owners.  There are three levels of Fit Dog Titles: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Each requires a specific number of activity points.  This class will count as activity points towards the Bronze title.  You will learn the proper form and safety doing various exercises that will improve your dog’s balance, flexibility, stamina and overall fitness.Basic obedience or equivalent. Please note this class is not for dogs who require rehabilitation or physical therapy.  This class is for healthy dogs with no prior significant injury.Yummy treats that may be easily swallowed and do not crumble.
PO FIT Dog Level 2 AKC FIt Dog Level 2 course builds off the fundamental skills and concepts learned in Fit Dog 1 and continues to foster canine conditioning to increase your dog’s performance, increase endurance, decrease risk of injury and lower stress levels.  This course is designed to inspire dog owners to engage in low impact fitness-related activities, while minimizing the risk of injury or harm due to inexperienced instructing.  Canine core and full body fitness are also superb base training for dog teams that participate in agility, scent and nose sports, rally, disc sports, FastCat, etc.
Attendees will track their skills and progress using a provided AKC Skills sheet and will be evaluated at the last class (week 6) by the AKC Fit Dog Instructor/Evaluator and receive an AKC Fit Dog Certificate.
Dogs must have taken and successfully completed an  AKC Fit Dog One in order to take Fit Dog Two.  It is recommended that participants in this class be at least one year of age and complete at least a Puppy or Basic Obedience Class first.Yummy treats that may be easily swallowed and do not crumble.

Class NameMeetsInstructorClick Button to Register
PO Fit Dog Class Level I
PO FIT Dog Class Level 2 (7803)Thursday, 6/20-8/1/24 at 6:00 pm No class 7/4/24Susan Minix
Class Length: Class meets for six weeks for an hour. Cost: $139 (20% discount for members who worked 20 volunteer hours within the last 12 months). Participants will be expected to help move props.