Rally Events

AKC Rally Trials and OTCPBC Rally Show ‘n Go Events

You have taken Rally classes with your dog…

You and your teammate have learned the Rally signs. You have practiced. You are feeling more confident about your skills in this sport.

With your Rally teammate, try out Rally events...

Enter an AKC Rally Trial at OTCPBC to test your skills against AKC standards in a friendly environment.

Register for a Rally Show ‘n Go for the chance to practice in a trial setting.

OTCPBC club member and Rally instructor, Scott T Adams Sr with Maya Dog doing a Rally Excellent run at the November 2022 Rally Show ‘n Go. OTCPBC holds three Rally Show ‘n Go events a year, usually a week or two before holding an AKC Rally Trial. Photo courtesy of club member Lindsey Smith.

AKC Rally Trials

OTCPBC will accept entries either via USPS or our Online Trial Entry Form. Online entry requires payment using PayPal as payment processor. A PayPal account is not required.

OTCPBC Rally SHOW ‘n Go Events

OTCPBC Rally Show ‘n Go Events

Show ‘n Go DatesClass OrderSize OrderJudgesOnline Registration OpensOnline Registration Closes
Sunday, July 14, 2024Master to NoviceSmall to TallMarni Bellavia6/10/247/7/24 OR when limits are met whichever occurs first
Sunday, November 3, 2024Master to NoviceSmall to TallMarni Bellavia9/29/2410/27/24 OR when limits are met whichever occurs first
Registration is online only via PayPal. You do NOT need a PayPal account to register. Registration will open for each event as listed above. Registration will close on listed date unless limits are met earlier. Cost is $15 for two runs at the same level per dog. Member Discount of 20% is applied to the total cost of selections. Run Order and other details will not be available until 4 days after closing. Notifications will be via email.

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