Interest List for Nose Work/Scent Work Classes and Events

OTCPBC would like to solicit your help in planning our classes and events. We would like our classes and events to meet your needs, to complement other nose work/scent work opportunities in our area and for our seasonal residents to complement opportunities available outside of our area. If you are willing to help us in this planning or if the class you would like to take is full or you cannot find a class at the level you need, please complete this form. Entries will be reviewed once a week. Please monitor classes page for posting of new classes. Completing this form does not guarantee a space in a class but will help us with our planning. Efforts will be made to notify folks on the interest list when new classes open so that you may then register for the class on a first come, first served basis.

OTCPBC classes are organized as follows:

Getting Started: The introductory series of classes are taught using the principles and concepts developed by NACSW ™ for K9 Nose Work® classes.
Continuing Foundations: Teams that have taken the first four “Getting Started” classes at OTCPBC or equivalent classes elsewhere will find these classes helpful as a transition to skills classes.
Focus on Skills: Classes: suitable for teams that wish to practice specific skills over the length of a multi-week course. Courses will be offered based on demand and available resources. Most may be taken in any order.
Practice and Trial Preparation Classes: For teams ready for or already competing that are looking for practice opportunities as trials approach.

For a more complete description of classes offered use this link:
Nose Work and Scent Work Classes