Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County

1250 Gateway Road, Lake Park, FL 33403
NACSW™ Odor Recognition Test (ORT)
Sunday, February 20, 2022

Odors Tested: Birch, Anise and Clove

Cost per test: $35

Multiple dogs:

A handler may enter up to two dogs per odor test using a separate entry for each dog. A second setup of each odor will be done to accommodate the entry of a second dog under the same handler.


For cancellation of entries on or before 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time February 11, 2022 – Full refund minus $5 processing fee. For cancellation of entries after 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time February 11, 2022 – no refunds will be issued unless the space can be filled in which case a refund will be issued minus a $5 processing fee.



Entry form for for a single dog for NACSW ORT
  • The Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County is hosting an Odor Recognition Test (ORT) on February 20, 2022 at 1250 Gateway BLVD, Lake Park FL 33403. Payment is online only. $35 per Test. Registration requires successful completion of payment via PayPal. Once you hit submit you will be brought to PayPal site. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal. A handler may not run an odor more than two times, each time with a different dog.. Each entry for more than two odor tests per dog per handler beyond the allowable limit, based on order of entry, will be cancelled and refunded minus a $5.00 handling fee. An ORT must be taken and passed at least 14 days before a trial opening date to be eligible for the first draw period. Please contact your host ( at least 1 day before the ORT if your female dog will be in season.
  • Call Name of Dog Entered in ORT
  • This is the number assigned to this dog when registered with NACSW™ . Should start with the letter "K". You are responsible for entering your dog's correct NACSW™ number.
  • Dog's Breed
  • Odors to be tested for this dog.
  • Handler’s NACSW™ Membership must be up to date and active at the time of registration for the entry to be valid. Number begins with the letter "M".
  • Please enter a phone number that may be used to reach you on the day of the ORT.
  • Fees are calculated in Total field below and must be successfully processed for entry to be valid. Please check your credit card statement or PayPal account for successful processing of your payment.
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  • Today's Date
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • I/We hereby assume all risks of, and responsibility for, accidents and/or damage to myself or to my property or to others, resulting from the actions of my dog. I/We expressly agree that the Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County, 1250 Gateway BLVD, Lake Park, FL, 33403, and/or NACSW or any other person, or persons, of said groups, shall not be held liable personally, or collectively, under any circumstances, for injury, and/or damage to my person, for loss or injury to my property, whether due to uncontrolled dogs or negligence of any member of said groups, or any other cause, or causes.
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