AKC Elite Scent Work Titles

In Scent Work, dogs may continue to trial at a level after earning a title for the class while also trialing at a more advanced level of the same element at the same trial.

For example, a dog that earns the Scent Work Container Novice (SCN) title and then earns 7 additional qualifying legs in Novice Container will earn the Scent Work Container Novice Elite (SCNE) title. At the same time, the dog may pursue a title in a higher level class of the same element. So a dog/handler team that is pursuing a Scent Work Container Novice Elite (SCNE) title may also be pursuing a Scent Work Container Advanced (SCA) title at the same trial.

Per AKC Regulations:

Elite titles will be granted when ten qualifying scores are earned during Odor Search Division classes

“Dogs that have previously earned the same or higher level AKC Scent Work titles may enter lower level classes.
Dogs are able to enter up to two (2) difficulty levels in each element, in each trial.”

Your dog is ready to work at the higher level. Why pursue an elite level title? Why use the option to trial at two levels of the same element at the same trial?

  • You have made the trip to the trial site, possibly staying overnight in a hotel or airbnb. Maximize your investment.
  • Grab this additional trialing opportunity, especially in trials that offer a small number of classes.
  • Take the opportunity to increase your and your dog’s confidence in a trial environment.
  • Use the lower level class to warm up for the higher level class.
  • Just have fun! You both love the sport. Your dog enjoys searching.
  • You have felt the impact of reduced trial opportunities during COVID, so use this option to get more trial experience.

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