Test items AKC Community Canine (CGC-A)

Dogs must pass all 10 items of the test to receive the CGCA title. Dog stands, sits or lies down and waits under control while the owner: sits at the registration table and fills out paperwork, or, if the test is done in the community, dog waits while the owner sits and has a snack … Read more Test items AKC Community Canine (CGC-A)

Urban CGC offered Friday, May 1

Urban CGC testing will be offered on Friday, May 1st at 6:15 pm at CityPlace in West Palm Beach. The cost is $15 per dog. Dogs must possess a CGC to register. Contact: otcpbc@gmail.com. Test Requirements: 1 – Exit/enter doorway with no pulling in dog-friendly buildings. Exit building to start test, additional Public buildings items … Read more Urban CGC offered Friday, May 1

Successful rally trial April 25-26, 2015

A good time was had by all who attended our 2nd annual Rally trial at the clubhouse this past weekend. First I’d like to thank Bob Millar for being our judge! It’s always nice to see a friendly fact behind the pencil! I’d also like to give a very special thanks to Diana Johnson-Ford who … Read more Successful rally trial April 25-26, 2015

Introduction to Odor

New Class: Introduction to Odor If you think you may want to participate with your dog in nose work trials, this course will set you up for success from the start. The training approach will be based on shaping. No luring, no cues except to begin searching, no corrections. No prior experience in nose work … Read more Introduction to Odor

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience classes in June and July begin on the following dates: June Basic Obedience Starts: Saturday, June 13 @ 1 pm Instructor: Charlotte Czermann This class will not meet on June 20 and July 4, 2015. July Basic Obedience Starts: Thursday, July 9 @ 6 pm Instructor: Peggy DeMinico