Do’s and don’ts for effective dog training

You can teach your dog to do many different things, but there are a few general guidelines that will help make sure your training goes well. The American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Director Mary Burch offers the top tips for effectively training your four-legged friend. Do reward behaviors you like. Observe carefully when training … Read more

Puppy Places – Where to Socialize Your Puppy

Early experiences between the ages of 12 and 16 weeks are crucial to a puppy’s emotional development. Puppies need to meet dogs they have never met; people of all age and ethnicities; and environmental challenges, like automatic doors at shopping plazas, dust blowers, and the loud activity of an outdoor cafe. Ideas for Places to … Read more

Dog Park Guidelines

Dog parks may offer communities terrific opportunities to exercise their dogs. Well-exercised dogs usually have fewer behavioral issues related to boredom and inactivity than dogs who stay home and sleep all day. That said, poorly managed dog parks may present problems to dogs and their owners. Be sure to evaluate the dog park you are … Read more