Mats go down for the first time at OTCPBC in Lake Park

There’s something special about the mats going down for the first time, whether it’s at a new facility or just before a show.

From President Bob Millar on this special day for us:

I need to thank the following who helped with ring set up yesterday:

* Joe and Diane Walak

* Patti Roberts

* Russ Peligrino

* Dan Bruno

* Mary Macchia

* Mirabelle Wrist

* Charlotte Schermerhorn (drove up from Pompano!)

* Ann Levy

* Page Athan

* Barbie Keough

I hope I didn’t forget anyone!  My apologies if I did.

We now have two rings in the building.  They are not regulation size but are close.  Because of space restraints the rings are narrower than regulation size.  The length is regulation size so there shouldn’t be any problems training for Retrieves of the Flat, Drop on Recall or Go Outs.

Joan Bruno is coordinating time for volunteers to be at the club.  If you have some time available to sit at the door and collect money for run-throughs, etc. please contact Joan.

Joan has also donated a gas grille to the club, so we will be able to use it for cook-outs.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped yesterday.

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